Why does this site exist?

Surely, with a name like “My Cat is Rich” as a website, there would be a few things one could assume.  Whoever came up with the title either loves cats, has a cat named Rich, or has been struggling to come up with a name for a blog.  Finding the right name for a blog when starting out can be intimidating.  Analysis-Paralysis can takeover which leads to never starting a blog because finding the perfect name stops you in your tracks.  I have come to learn that inaction leads to never starting something so I took the road of imperfect action.  Looking at my cat sitting in the window, all nestled up in his hammock, starring out without a care in the world.  I thought to myself, that’s how I want to feel, he has everything yet nothing at the same time.  My cat is truly rich.  Let me explain.

We get caught up in this cycle of working and buying stuff, repeating this process until we look back and wonder where did all the time and money go.  The treadmill of life never stops.  Bills keep coming, the job pays for the bills and the dreams are left for the weekends.  This site exists for those that want this cycle to stop.  This site exists because I wanted that cycle to stop but didn’t know how to get off of the treadmill.  I made this site to share with my family, my friends and anyone who wanted to find a way to not have to work their life away.

Work in itself is not a bad thing but doing a job that you don’t like, being away from family to do said job and barely making ends meet is not the work I or anyone should have to do.  It kills our passions, our dreams and abilities to make this world a better place.  That’s why this site exists, it is my way of making this world a better place by helping whoever I can, whoever wants to listen, to help themselves.  There are plenty of get rich schemes out there and they all prey on our lack of knowledge.  This is site is here to give you knowledge to make more informed choices so you can lead a better life, so your money can work for you instead of you working for money.

A wise person once said “A healthy man wants a thousand things, a sick man only wants one”.  When we are young and healthy the road seems long and many things can be put off – retirement is not even on the radar, worrying about health isn’t a concern, and money that comes in goes out just as fast if not faster.  Emphasis is placed on acquiring things, looking good and not missing out on whatever is the latest and greatest.  I know this because I did this.  My finances were not in order when I was young, I didn’t make good choices with the money I made and had late charges all the time (even bills that had gone on to collections).  It wasn’t pretty but I learned, albeit the hard way, to manage my money, invest it wisely and live within my means.  Life does not get easier, we must get stronger and wiser.  If I could have started when I was younger things would be a whole lot easier now but there is no greater time to start now except when we were younger.  So wherever you are at now, you have the choice to change.  Start small, start somewhere but most importantly start now.